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Research on the topic of smart microcapsules began in 2014 when an interdisciplinary team of scientists led by Assoc. Professor  Marko Vinceković initiated the idea of a personalized approach to plant nutrition and protection. Access to such research entailed a change in mindset and an out-of-the-box thinking. This approach and research have created various ecological formulations for nutrition and plant protection, all with a purpose of reducing the use of agrochemicals in agricultural production and preparation of functional and healthier foods.

Makabi Agritech Wins at Startup Factory - Zagreb Connect 2018

We applied to ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Centre’s award-winning pre-acceleration programme called Startup Factory because we wanted to bring the fruits of our five-year research to the market, and connect the scientific world with producers of healthier and better quality food –  food that will have a positive impact on human health and the environment. We believe that connecting the public and private sectors forms a foundation for preparing new innovative  products.

We Received HRK 160.000 for the Development of Our Business

Zagreb Connect is the most prominent startup conference in Croatia. It helps new entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful companies. From an investor standpoint, Zagreb Connect is a unique opportunity to gain access to an undiscovered universe of quality early stage and new businesses in search of financial and non-financial support.

Makabi was selected to participate in Startup Factory and it successfully completed the pre-acceleration programme’s 8 intense weeks of education and mentoring. At Zagreb Connect, where Startup Factory finals took place, we pitched our way to financial support worth HRK 160.000.   

Entering EIT Climate-KIC RIS Croatia 2019 Accelerator and Receiving EUR 15.000

Hrvatski CleanTech startupovi na Medunarodnom bootcampu u Frankfurtu predstavili svoje inovacije

EIT Climate-KIC RIS Croatia Accelerator is a programme by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. This is Europe’s largest cleantech program accelerating startups that are developing climate-positive solutions.

Makabi Agritech was selected as one of the promising cleantech startups and, together with 5 other teams, formed the premiere generation of the Croatian edition of the programme.

The 3-in-1 effect encapsulation technology (protection, nutrition and controlled release of bioactive components) is a green chemistry innovation for sustainable agricultural production. It reduces pollution and mitigates climate change while increasing the biopotential of the produced food.

Magic of Creating Microcapsules

We Participated at the Annual Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore

Microcapsules - Fertilizer of the Future

Makabi mala i mocna kapsula

Our First EU Project

We are excited to be part of the Cloudi Facturing project team. Our mutual project belongs to the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.


We are working withing a team of amazing collaborators – the legendary Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, In Silico (Robert Keser), Wikki Ltd, Ascalia (Dejan Strbad) – and are optimizing the capsule production process using high-fidelity digital twins and Computer Fluid Dynamics simulations, supplemented by machine learning.

Our Scientific Team

Marko Vincekovic

The Makabi Agritech interdisciplinary team is comprised of scientists possessing expertise in various scientific disciplines. This expertise forms the core of the team’s strength and provides further opportunities in the development of new ecological formulations of microspheres and microcapsules for plant protection and nutrition.

The team members are renowned experts in the fields of physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, microsphere / microcapsule formulation, organic synthesis, nutrition, plant nutrition and protection, microbiology, global agroecology, functional food production and project and financial management.

Additionally, the team members have vast experience leading and collaborating on numerous national and international projects, and have completed training at prestigious universities and institutes in Croatia and abroad.

Our Goals

Vision and Strategy

To be a leader in the knowledge and technology transfer between various sectors by providing consultancy services and developing a new approach to agriculture and food production.

To provide innovation and service that exceed the expectations of our clients.

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To provide an exceptional level of innovation, research and advanced technology and build long-term relationships with our clients.

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What Do We Believe In?

We believe in forming relationships with our customers based on dignity and respect.

We grow through creativity, collaboration, research, invention and innovation in the field of agriculture and agricultural production.

We integrate honesty, science and business ethics into all aspects of our business activities.

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What's Next?


Local and regional expansion in the field of agro-ecological agricultural production and development of a strong base of key clients.

Offering valuable know-how through a variety of collaborations and projects.

Building a sound reputation in the field of innovation and technology development in agriculture and agricultural production.