#interdisciplinary team creating microcapsule formulations for the production of healthy and functional foods

Associate Professor Marko Vinceković, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

17 years of experience and work in the research process and the creation of new values that have a positive impact on the whole community:

– experience working in an interdisciplinary team

– postdoctoral specialization at the largest university in the world, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Institute of Physics, Laboratory for Complex Fluids (2011-2012),

– head of the MAKABI team during ZICER Startup Factory pre-acceleration programme and Zagreb Connect final competition, innovator and entrepreneur in the field of encapsulation and preparation of nano and microcapsules for nutrition / plant protection and formulation for use in biofunctional foods, cosmetics and medical preparations etc.,

Projects: Leader / Associate in national and international projects


Slaven Juric, M.Sc. (Doctoral Student)

PhD Student

4 years of experience in scientific research in the field of biotechnical sciences

– several months of scientific training in Italy at the University of Salerno (2017)


– associate / researcher on two national and one international project

– PhD in the field of Interdisciplinary Biotechnical Sciences

– his research is based on:

1) extraction and isolation of biologically active substances from plant material / agro-industrial waste and their implementation into functional foods;

2) encapsulation of various biological and chemical agents, optimization of microparticle preparation processes and microparticle formulations for agro-industrial purposes


Publications: Author and co-author of a dozen scientific papers

– participated in numerous national and international scientific conferences

– winner of the Rector’s Award for scientific work

– winner of the Biotechnical Foundation grant

Publications: Published about 30 research and review papers and book chapters


Assistant Professor Luna Maslov Bandić, Ph.D.

Research Associate

– 15 years of experience and work in the scientific research process

– experience working in interdisciplinary and international research teams

– training in the world’s leading laboratories in the fields of food chemistry and analytical chemistry (Cornell University, INRA Montpeiller, Technische Universtaet Graz)


i nternational project leader: Profiling of different varietal wines based on individual thiols determination

– vast experience in the introduction and validation of analytical chromatographic methods (GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS)


Publications: 20 scientific papers published, as well as 40 abstracts at conferences


Kristina Vlahoviček Kahlina Ph.D.

Expert Associate

7 years of experience and work in the scientific research process

2018 – present Professional Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

2011 – 2018 Assistant / Research Assistant; postdoctoral fellow; Ruđer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb


project collaborator: HRZZ-IP-2014-09-3102; ESF – HR.3.2.01-0254; NATO – SfP 983154



3 research papers published and 10 abstracts 


Research interests: organic synthesis, encapsulation, extraction, laboratory analysis.


Marijan Marijan, M.Sc.

Professional Associate

– 6 years of experience and work in the scientific research process

– 2019 to present Expert Associate, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb



project collaborator: HRZZ



2 research papers and 7 abstracts 


Research area:

physico-organic chemistry, encapsulation, extraction, laboratory analysis.

Associate Professor Mirna Mrkonjić Fuka Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

– 16 years of experience and work in the scientific research process

– experience working in international and interdisciplinary teams

– Doctorate in Natural Sciences from Technical University Munich 2007

– postdoctoral training at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and Wellington Univesity New Zealand

– Head of the Scientific Research Establishment Project of the Croatian Science Foundation and Expert Project of the Ministry of Agriculture

– Head of bilateral research projects with Germany, Austria, Slovenia and China

– contributor to six national and international projects

– winner of several awards and scholarships (Association of University Teachers and Other Scholars in Zagreb, DAAD, Erasmus, Ceepus, FEMS)


Associate Professor Željka Zgorelec, Ph.D.

18 years of experience and work in the scientific research process, experience working in international and interdisciplinary teamsProjects: Leader / contributor to numerous national and international projects Field of expertise: agroecology, soil degradation and protection, environmental analytical tests (soil, water, plants) (validation), phytoremediation / phytoaccumulation of trace elements from contaminated and natural soils, biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen; CN management in soil and climate change. Publications: She is the author of 40 scientific papers – participated in numerous national and international scientific conferences.


Assistant Professor Branka Šakić Bobi, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate

15 years of experience in scientific research,

Projects: Associate in international and domestic projects with experience in an interdisciplinary team, 


published more than 20 scientific and more than 80 professional articles

– training in the country and abroad in the fields of management, rural entrepreneurship, agricultural accounting systems (FADN), clusters and project management,

– scientific and research activities in the field of project management, development of business, marketing and strategic plans, use of accounting systems for management purposes, use of modern methods for decision support

Nada 2

Full Scientific Advisor Nada Filipović Vinceković, Ph.D.

Permanent Advisor, Director

Years of experience and work in scientific research and application leader and collaborator on numerous domestic and foreign projects scientific interest in:

– various aspects of colloidal and interfacial chemistry,

– studies of physicochemical processes in the environment,

– studies of functional materials (supramolecules of surfactants, biopolymer complexes, amorphous silica, biominerals).

Expert evaluation of the effectiveness of new offshore and offshore oil spill cleaning materials.


Author of about 100 scientific and professional papers in journals and conference proceedings,

5 book chapters, 6 internal publications, 4 study papers and 1 translation.

Reviewer of 15 scientific and professional journals, active member of several domestic and international professional societies, and former member of the editorial board of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science and former member of the expert groups:

– Technical Committee for Surfactants (State Institute for Standardization and Metrology) and

– the Geochemistry Committee of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.